Satan has indeed taken over the Watchtower along with the governing body.

It could be that Satan is now ruling the Watchtower. Those old men in Brooklyn might now be under Satans direction.Because some evil things are going on in Brooklyn. But what year did Satan take it over? Too mu8ch evil going on up there. So much hate.Calling people mental diseased is something that sounds like evil talk. There is so much evil going on up there. They hate too much to be called a channel of God. What do you think?With 20 thousand cases of molestation on their records it seems like a evil that only satan could direct. Also with all this wealth that they have accumulated. They owning all the Kingdom halls and the brothers who paid that mortage have nothing to show- Brooklyn has those deeds. That sounds evil to me. Its also evil when they predict all these dates that are false and they don’t even bat an eye when they are caught. This United Nations thing. They got out of that- That was evil what they done to the flock.Its also evil to have the flock thinking that a blood transfusion will doom one with eternal death. This is evil- I would even say that the Watchtower has mislead the entire world along with Satan. Ray Franz was on that governing body and he left it. There never was a witness as good as he was. He left. Hell if he left after 45 years then something has to be evil up there. They are always running those that left down as sick and mentally diseased. That sounds like a wicked group t5hat throws that kind of talk around. Yes Satan and those evil old men sitting in Brooklyn is misleading over 8 million people.;